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Suite Metering. Smart Metering. User-Pay Metering.

No matter how you say it, is the only fair way to allocate utility costs among residents.

Smart Savings.


On average, electrical Suite Metering reduces the overall in-suite costs by up to 30%.

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Smart Savings


With water costs increasing 10% per year, installing water Suite Meters can reduce those fees by up to 39%.

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Smart Savings


Every month you don't Suite Meter, your building could be losing out on thousands of dollars!

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Smart Savings


Ontario's electricity rates have increased over 103% since 2008.

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We’re here to help you save.

Here at Priority, we help you better understand your consumption and cost when it comes to utilities. From monitoring to billing, we give you the necessary tools to keep track of your usage, and only pay for what you consume.

Residents & Tenants

Putting you in charge of your utility consumption. Good for your building, good for the environment, and good for you.

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Property Managers

Priority will provide a solution that works with your facility, fits your budget and is cohesive with the lifestyles of your residents.

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Implementing Suite Metering encourages conservation and reduces overall utility costs, adding value to your property's profile.

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I just got my hydro bill and it’s now $60! And that is with having in-suite laundry and a dishwasher! At my old building, on the low end my bill would be $150. Being in a submetered building has really made a difference.

- Natalie M., Resident

I want to express my gratitude for the prompt and great service we experience with Priority Submetering Solutions, on so many occasions. It is always a pleasure to deal with the company and we appreciate the smooth collaboration at different levels and for diverse topics.

- Dorin, Property Manager – Spring

Best energy solution out there!

- Josh M., Resident

...we took the leap and went with Priority. Immediately we experienced and continue to experience a 20% reduction in the hydro costs billed to the Corporation. We were so pleased when Priority was awarded the contract for our newest condominium...

- Anne Burgoon, Vice President, Eastern Ontario Property Management Group

Thank you for going above and beyond in researching the issue of the missing deposit. It isn't often that I come across someone like you when interacting with a customer service rep. It showed that you were actually acknowledging my concerns.

- B.R., Resident

The service has been exemplary and I will miss being able to use your service when I move.

- Maggie G., Resident

We have been doing business with Priority for over 8 years now as they have become our preferred service provider for all of our Submetering needs. They provide clear, concise invoicing for our tenants...Address any and all issues from our tenants in a timely and professional manner...We have established an efficient working process between Priority and our accountants and property managers...I would have no hesitation to recommend their various services...

- Brian Venton, Director of Property Management, Fieldgate Commercial Properties Limited
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