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Priority is here to help with top quality products and solutions.

Suite Metering Solutions.

Priority provides utility Suite Metering and billing services for electricity, water, gas and thermal. We serve a wide variety of multi-unit buildings, including: Condominiums, Apartments, Co-ops, Student Housing, Affordable Housing, and Commercial & Industrial buildings. We offer flexible solutions that include any combination of the following products and services!

  • Metering Equipment

    Metering Equipment.

    Installation, commissioning and Project Management of a Suite Metering system, complete system monitoring (performance, utility consumption and monthly reporting), maintenance and recertification.

  • Reading the System

    Reading the System.

    Remote reads, manual reads, data monitoring and downloading of meter data.

  • Building, collecting, budgeting

    Billing, Collecting & Budgeting.

    Calculation and verification of resident/tenant bills, bill notification, collection of funds from residents/tenants, release of funds to Property Management, reconciliation reports and utility cost allocation. Billing and payment options include; multi-utility billing (all utilities on one bill), e-notification, mailing of paper bills, online account access, monthly resident summary reports, online banking, telephone banking, pre-authorized debit, cheque, money order or credit card.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service.

    All levels of service include; a dedicated Account Manager for Property Management, plus residents/tenants receive ongoing, personalized support from our in-house Customer Service representatives.

  • Online Access

    Online Access.

    Property Management and residents/tenants can view account information, billing history and up to date usage reports.

  • Additional services

    Additional Services.

    Debt protection, late payment notices, disconnection services, payment of the main utility bill, and no charge for unoccupied developer owned suites.

Our Trusted Products.

  • GWF
  • Intellimeter
  • Kamstrup
  • Master Meter
  • Triacta

Electrical Test Metering Services.


Suite electrical feed identified by Priority Engineering to ensure suite loads are properly monitored.


A portable Test Meter is installed for a defined period to coincide with the building's bulk electricity billing.


Verification of the test results, and reconciliation with the building's bulk electricity bill.


Electrical consumption and cost of Suites & Common Area, carbon footprint, projected savings after implementation of Suite Metering.

For more information on our Test Metering Services, please contact Priority Sales at 1-866-836-3837 x 2.

Want to learn more about how Test Metering works? Visit our case study to see how.

Case Study

What to Know Before Signing An Agreement.

Going green? Tightening your budget? Managing your time? Whatever your priority is, Suite Metering is a great place to start! Even if you haven't chosen Priority as your Suite Metering and billing provider here are some things you should know before signing an agreement.

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Is the Suite Metering provider licensed by the Ontario Energy Board?

Only a licensed unit Suite Metering provider can send an electricity invoice in Ontario. Those invoices must be sent by the company with whom the agreement is signed. Companies without a license, are not permitted to enter into a Suite Metering agreement.

Is the Suite Metering system Measurement Canada approved and sealed?

Only a Measurement Canada approved and sealed system is permitted for revenue billing. Your Suite Metering provider should be able to provide you copies of sealing certificates upon request.

Are all fees that are being charged to your building and the resident listed in the agreement and in plain sight?

Many companies will have an agreement with your Condo Board but their fees for services are listed elsewhere and are subject to change at any time. All fees should be listed in the agreement.

Are there increases during the term of the agreement?

If there are increases, they should be clearly stated in the agreement. Don't take a provider's "word for it" - if they claim there are no increases, it should be written into the agreement.

Is the Suite Metering provider pushing you to sign the agreement without a lawyer looking at it?

Be weary of any company that pushes you to sign an agreement that your lawyer has not reviewed. Any reputable Suite Metering provider will welcome a once over by a lawyer.

Will your building continue to receive copies of the main electricity bill?

The only way to confirm that the Suite Metering provider is not marking up electricity charges, is for your building to receive a copy of the main electricity bill. Without copies of the main electricity bill, the Suite Metering provider could charge any amount for electricity, or mark up the electricity without your building knowing.

Does the Suite Metering provider perform a breaker to suite test prior to billing?

Measurement Canada standards only apply that the right meter is connected to the right breaker. Make sure your Suite Metering provider will go through the building to ensure each suite breaker is labeled with the right suite number.

Does the Suite Metering provider have references?

This is important. If a company cannot provide references they are most likely not reputable.

Will the Suite Metering provider apply for SaveOnEnergy rebates on your behalf?

There are rebates available to your building through programs like SaveOnEnergy. Your Suite Metering provider should be able to talk about those rebates and be willing to work with you to apply for them.

Are you purchasing you Suite Metering outright? Or are you amortizing (financing) the system over a fixed term?

If your Suite Metering provider is giving you the equipment with no upfront cost, but is amortizing the system over a defined term, make sure this term is the same length as the billing term. Some companies will give you a 10 year billing services agreement with a much longer term for financing the equipment (15-25 years).

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