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Why Suite Meter?

You wouldn't pay for your neighbour's grocery bill, so why would you pay for their utility bill?

What is Suite Metering?

Suite Metering is the only fair way to allocate utility costs amongst Residents of multi-suite properties. Traditional Bulk Metering takes the aggregate of the building’s utility usage and costs, and then splits it up equally to all suites based on square footage.
This is an unfair way of splitting utility costs.

Bulk metering vs. Suite metering

Suite Metering

  • Each suite is monitored by its own meter
  • Each suite receives its own bill
  • User-Pay System where residents pay only for what they use in their suite
  • Beneficial to utility conservers
  • Encourages conservation of utilities
  • High users responsible for high costs

Bulk Metering

  • Entire building is monitored by one meter
  • Entire building receives one bill
  • Cost of aggregate bill is split up between residents based on the size of their suite
  • Beneficial to utility wasters
  • Encourages wasteful use of utilities
  • Low users subsidize cost of high users

Consider this...

With the cost of utilities increasing each year due to a number of factors, aging infrastructure, supply and demand, wage increases etc., the facts below are even more reasons why Suite Metering is the only fair way to allocate utility costs among multi-unit residents.

Allows for each suite to be individually metered, giving residents control over their utility usage and ultimately, their utility costs.

On average, electrical Suite Metering reduces the overall in-suite costs by up to 30%.

Suite Metering lowers the utility portion of maintenance fees, making the property more attractive to prospective buyers and renters.

On average, 329 litres of water is used per person, per day across Canada. With water costs increasing 10% per year, installing water Suite Meters can reduce those fees by up to 39%.

Every month you don't Suite Meter, your building potentially loses thousands of dollars. Based on a typical 100 suite residential building, for electrical the building could lose up to $3000 per month, and for water up to $1800 per month.

How Suite Metering Works.

There is a myth that installing a Suite Metering system can be a complicated process.
Priority is here to tell you that it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • scope of installation
    1) Survey of the building, meter install and verification.
  • meters are read
    2) Meters are read and usage data is collected.
  • usage calculated
    3) Usage is calculated and invoices are sent to residents.

Case Studies

Case study

Electrical Test Metering

Case study

Save on Energy

Case study

Suite Savings

Electrical Test Metering

The Case

A bulk metered multi-suite building in Toronto wanted to review their electrical consumption, and approached Priority for a Test Metering system.


Test Metering equipment provided to monitor the total suite consumption for the building.

Data Monitoring

Monitored from April 30th to June 30th, and then compared to monthly electricity bills.

Data Analysis

  • Suite Usage 244,365 kWh = $28,993
  • Common Area Usage 79,719 kWh = $9,448
  • Total 324,084 kWh = $38,441

Projected Savings

  • Reduce Suite Consumption by 25%!
  • Monthly Savings: $3,624 Annual Savings: $43,489
  • Monthly Electricity Savings: 30,546 kWh

Why Test Meter?

More Savings.

Saving money through Suite Metering is all about reducing suite electrical consumption. When a building has a high percentage of total electricity usage at suite level, their savings from Suite Metering will also be high. Implementing a Test Metering system can identify those potential savings.

Detailed Reports.

Once the Test Metering System is in place, Priority will create reports on the cumulative electricity consumption for the suites, which includes:

  • Calculation: Of the electrical demand in the suites, and when peak demand occurs.
  • Overview: Of how much the maintenance fees could be reduced.
  • Review: Of monthly electricity consumption, broken down by average kWh usage.

Learn more

Save On Energy

The Case

A 185 suite condo located in Scarborough had electrical Suite Meters installed by Priority. The Condo Corporation was interested in finding out how much consumption and money they had saved since the Suite Metering system has been in place.


To evaluate the electricity savings one year after Suite Metering the building.

Data Collection

Actual bulk bills were compared to expected, weather adjusted, electricity consumption.

Measurement & Calculation

Once the meters were installed and the resident billing began, the calculations took into account; any significant suite vacancies/extended vacations, any Energy Conservation Measures that were implemented (energy efficient exhaust fans and lighting), historical weather data, and a comparison to the main bulk meter consumption for the building prior to Suite Metering and the sum of the Suite Meter reads for the year following meter installation.

Analysis of Savings

Over the duration of this study, the following analysis and savings were determined:

  • Annual Consumption: Predicted annual baseline electrical consumption (kWh) prior to Suite Metering = 1,177,378.35 kWh
  • Actual annual electrical consumption one year after Suite Metering = 1,026,340.00 kWh
  • Annual Savings: kWh = 151,038.35 $21,145.37 based on $0.14 per kWh

The Outcome

The cost savings above was then reimbursed to The Condo Corporation through the Save On Energy program.

Suite Savings

The Case

A Condo Corporation of a 55 suite building located in Scarborough retained an Energy Auditing company to conduct a Measurement and Verification Savings Calculation in order to identify the savings associated with the Suite Metering project implemented by Priority.


To compare resident electrical consumption before and after the Suite Meters were installed, and individual resident billing began.

Data Collection

Monthly bills showing the electricity consumed by the building one year after Suite Meters were installed by Priority, were compared to the previous two years of consumption.

Measurement & Calculation

Over the duration of the analysis, the calculations took the following into account; annual Heating Degree Days, comparison of tenant load before billing began, any changes to occupancy, and major electricity using equipment in the building.

Analysis of Savings

Over the duration of this study, the following analysis and potential savings were determined:

  • Annual Consumption prior to Resident Billing – 882,465 kWh
  • After Resident Billing Began – 680,315 kWh
  • Projected Annual Savings: 237,294 kWh - $24,203.99 based on $0.102/kWh

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