Student campuses and their extensive network of facilities are a target-rich environment for energy monitoring programs to take effect. Submetering for student housing has proven to be effective at supporting campus management and holding students accountable for the utilities they use since they are charged by the actual amount of water or electricity they use. Priority manages and operates the software functions of gathering sub-meter data electronically and billing the student tenants. On residential college and university campuses, activities that take place in buildings typically account for the vast majority of energy use, water use and total greenhouse gas emission.

Student housing is a single-payer environment that lends themselves to centralized efforts to control energy costs, starting with better metering. Submetering can benefit colleges and universities from a business perspective, an engineering perspective, and a management perspective. Priority and the campus can readjust the focus to accountability for building operations on the facilities department, encouraging building managers to control energy consumption. Submetering may also be advertised to the students as a strong step towards environmental efficiency and support students in proactively monitoring their utility consumption.