Property Managers & Developers

After a submetering system is installed as part of your new development or as an upgrade to your existing building, we take full responsibility for tracking utility consumption, invoicing residents and tenants, and collecting payments on your behalf. Meanwhile, the occupants of your condominium, apartment, co-op, commercial building or office space will enjoy prompt support from our in-house Customer Service representatives.

You’ll discover that our pricing is the most competitive in the industry. No hidden fees, either.

See how our submetering solutions have benefited other landlords, property managers and condominium corporations.

Take advantage of our test submetering services by having a portable test meter installed. Using our test meter, we monitor the consumption of each of the suites in your building.

Once meters are connected, we make it our responsibility to monitor usage and produce invoices.

Submetering Solutions from Priority

Once an electricity, water, or gas utility company delivers their product to your building, Priority Submetering Solutions offers the specialized expertise you’ll benefit from.

Rely on us to read the meters, calculate monthly utility bills for your residents or tenants, and invoice them promptly. We then release the funds to you, along with reconciliation reports and utility cost allocation summaries.

Countless property managers and developers across North America count on us for reliable submetering solutions at the best prices and with exceptional service. You can too!

Submetering Solutions from Priority