Building managers are increasingly requiring detailed and actionable information about their commercial tenant’s energy usage. At Priority, our custom suite metering programs aim to increase operational efficiency and energy savings.

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Suite metering can also have numerous benefits for stakeholders across the industry. Suite metering is emerging as the vital first step to digging deeper into a building’s energy use profile and setting corrective actions into motion. Security can also be enhanced through faster fault location and restoration, and better voltage quality monitoring. Furthermore, Priority manages all of the installation, billing and debt collection for you.

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Tenants or departments are billed only for the utility consumption they use. Suite metering data allows your tenants to see the costs associated with their usage behaviors, allowing them to more easily see the impact of their choices, specific devices, and more, on their bills. Building tenants can quickly be connected or disconnected remotely.

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Priority caters to mixed-use buildings whether you own an existing building or are under new construction, we have the experience, equipment and personnel required to ensure a quality suite metering installation. Transparent analysis of energy consumption of the whole building down to the sub-tenant level will result in improved building utility awareness and take the pressure off your commercial building staff. If you do try to cut consumption, you’ll have data to confirm that what you did worked. If it didn’t, you’ll know that, too.

Suite metering is a clear solution and advantageous choice for commercial building management teams.