Electric Test Metering

Are you thinking about suite metering your condominium but uncertain if it is the right choice for you? Are you looking for quantifiable projections of the benefits of suite metering specific to your building? If so, then test metering is perfect for you!

Let us show you the potential savings of suite metering, also commonly known as submetering.

Priority Submetering Solutions offers Electric Test Metering free-of-charge so you can be confident in the benefits of submetering before you commit.

What is Test Metering and How Does it Work?

Test metering is a tool used to show the likely savings of suite metering specific to your building.

A portable test meter(s) is installed on the suite portion of the building which measures the main electrical feed to the suites. We use this information, combined with your hydro bill, to establish which portion of your electricity is being consumed by the suites, allowing us to also determine which portion is going towards common areas.

The data configured from test metering will allow you to establish if submetering is viable based specifically on your building’s suite vs. common area electrical consumption.

Typically, if your test metering results indicate your suites are currently consuming ≥ 50% of the building’s total electricity, then suite metering is viable for your building.

How Much Does Test Metering Cost?

Our priority is that you share the same confidence that we do in our customizable suite metering solutions.

We offer electric test metering free-of-charge, no strings attached so that you can be confident in the benefits of suite metering before you commit.

How Long Does Test Metering Take?

For accurate results, typically test metering will take 2-3 months. We set the period for this to coincide with your hydro bill.

A portable test meter is installed on the suite risers for a defined period to coincide with the building’s bulk electricity billing. This allows for an accurate comparison of electricity costs between suites and common areas.

The Report & Savings

Our report details the calculations of the electric consumption in the suites. The report also outlines when peak demand occurs. It provides an overview of how much the maintenance fees could be reduced and projections of future savings.

• Percentage analysis of Electricity consumption between suites and common area
• Dollar analysis of costs between suites and common area
• Carbon footprint analysis projecting carbon footprint reduction
Peak demand analysis of the suites’ electrical consumption
• Monthly electrical consumption at the suite level, further broken down by the average consumption of suite size
• Maintenance overview detailing potentials maintenance fee reductions
• Saving projections and calculations when the building is suite metered