Do You Have Questions About Your Bill From Priority?

Want to learn more about the different line items and charges? Here we have created an interactive tool. Hover your mouse over the numbers and you will see a description of that item.

Please note this tool is intended for a variety of residential customers and it includes ALL possible line items and scenarios. Not all the line items you see will be applicable to your bill.

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Priority Submetering Solutions Canadian Bill Example
Meter Type
This is the type of meter Priority is reading for your suite: EL = electricity, W = water, HW = hot water, G = natural gas, T = thermal.
Read Date
The time period for which you are being charged.
Service Address
The address of the building/suite/unit to which the utility is being provided.
Meter Reading
How Priority calculates the usage by reading your meter. The calculation used: Current - (minus) Previous x (multiplied by) Mult = Usage for that period.
Your total usage for each utility for the time period you are being charged, using the Meter Reading calculation.
Account Number
This number is unique to each account/unit and is required to sign-in online, and when calling Customer Service. If you switch units, this number will change.
Billing Summary
A summary of previous and current payments and charges.
Utility Usage History
Your usage graph for each bill over a period of one year. If you are being billed multiple utilities (that includes electricity) on one bill, this graph will show Electricity Usage only.
Electricity 1st & 2nd Block
For Ontario residents only. Regulated Price Plan (RPP)/Tiered plan. 1st block price is for the first 600kWh (Summer) or 1000kWh (Winter) used, 2nd block price is for anything used over those amounts. This line item for other provinces will read “Electricity @ $ /kWh” .
Delivery Charges
For Ontario ELECTRICITY residents only. Made up of a monthly fixed Priority admin fee, and a variable charge for the cost of transporting electricity from the distribution system to your suite.
Water/Hot Water Charges
The amount owing for your water usage for this period.
Thermal Charges
The amount owing for your thermal heat usage for this period.
Regulatory Charges
For Ontario ELECTRICITY residents only. Covers the cost of operating the wholesale electricity market and the Ontario Power Authority admin costs.
8% Provincial Rebate
For Ontario ELECTRICITY residents only. The Ontario government rebate on your electricity costs equal to the provincial portion of the HST.
Access Code
Your password to sign-in to your online account.
In this area there will be notices of any changes to your bill, Priority payment details, or other important information.