Suite meters help landlords to fairly and accurately divide the costs among their tenants.


With a suite metering system and a billing plan in place, monthly rental rates can be reduced, and therefore more competitive in the market.  Suite metering is transparent and object. Suite meters provide data ensuring the tenants are charged by the actual amount that they use. Contrast this with charging per square; those who use less electricity by square footage are actually subsidizing the other tenants who tend to use more than their allocated per square foot usage.

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Priority offers extended services including debt protection, late payment notices, disconnection services, payment of the main utility bill, and no charge for unoccupied developer owned suites. Utility rate increases don’t impact rents and can lead to fewer rent increases.  The tenant is then responsible to pay for the utilities separately from their rent. It is a win-win program for both tenants and property managers. Suite metering will stabilize rental rates in your building.

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Tenants have a greater incentive to cut costs when they pay their own energy bills. This usually means less usage and can lead to additional environmental benefits. Complete online access allows Property Management and residents/tenants the ability to view account information, billing history and up to date usage reports.

Suite metering allows landlords to interact more with tenants and provide a unique benefit to potential renters.