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What Is Suite Metering?

Suite metering, also known as submetering, is the fairest way to allocate utility costs in multi-unit residential or commercial buildings. When your building is not suite metered, your utility charges could be assessed by the square footage of your unit, regardless of how many people live in your building or how much electricity you are consuming.

Suite metering connects an individual utility meter to each unit. Costs are assessed by actual consumption. Bottom line? You only pay for what you use.

Suite Metering

  • Monitors utility consumption in apartments, condominiums or office spaces
  • Bills residents or tenants individually, based on actual consumption
  • Promotes utility conservation

Bulk Metering

  • Monitors utility consumption through one meter for the entire building
  • Does not separate common area usage from in-suite usage
  • Bills residents or tenants based on the size of their unit, not their actual usage

How Suite Metering Works

Initiating suite metering is quite simple. If not already equipped for suite metering, we will install meters for individual units at a time most convenient for you.

Once the installation is complete, we’ll read the meters, assess the costs, and send invoices to residents or tenants. This reduces maintenance fees at the building and allows you to know exactly what your common areas are consuming as a whole.

Specialists in the field, you can rely on us to provide accurate meter readings, convenient billing options, and collection services.

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