Condominiums (New Developments)

Suite metering is one of the few remaining cost-free solutions to offset rising expenses in today’s condominium market.  Suite metering reduces the utility portion of the maintenance fees while promoting individual conservation by residents. This greatly benefits both the condominiums infrastructure and efficiency over time.


A call to Priority pre-construction will enable us to create a custom proposal and contract that will extensively benefit the condominium developer. Enjoy financial and material cost reduction when suite metering is incorporated at the pre-development stage. Save yourself and your team the hassle of negotiating with expensive utility companies. Priority will provide the meters including water, gas, thermal, electricity and electric vehicle charging.

The meters are often provided at no cost to the developer.  With the expertise provided by our metering program, residents and property managers will have all the tools and resources in place to control utility usage, saving time and money for everyone. Our goal is to help you improve your building, save time, reduce costs and go green with the greatest convenience and positive contribution to your bottom line.

Condominiums (Retrofit)

If your tenants are reporting utility issues or are using disproportionate utilities, suite metering is your solution to ensure accurate readings and identify problem areas in your condominium. Once people who overuse no longer have the benefit of spreading their bill among the rest of the tenants, they’ll be encouraged to reduce their usage, seeing the positive effects on their bill.

condo hallway

Let Priority custom build a plan depending on your property’s unique needs. If you’ve recently done upgrades or are now dealing with tenants who have large amounts of high-powered electronics, switching to suite metering will help spare you from having to deal with and explain raised electrical bills to current and potential tenants.

By partnering with Priority as your utility suite metering provider, you will allow your staff to focus on their jobs without time-consuming billing issues and customer service distractions. All Priority’s work meets provincial regulations and federal standards for Measurement Canada protocols.